Seduce Your Man Into Love by Connecting to Your Feminine Essence

Why are we attracted to each other? What is it about?

Sometimes I feel this attraction as a current of electricity that almost lifts my hair.

It can be so strong, our bodies drawn to each other with such intensity, utterly magnetised to each other.

What is this attraction?

Why is it so strong with some men and non-existent with others?

I believe a large part of it is about our opposite polarities. The more polarised our magnets are, the stronger the attraction.

Do you want a strong man by your side?

A man who is stable, reliable, and able to love you through all your emotional states?

If yes, you need to relax more into your soft feminine side to awaken his strong masculine side.

“There is nothing that so arouses, supports and sustains the normal sex-passion in a man as for a strongly-sexed woman to fill her aura toward him with a strong, steady, self-controlled appeal-tender, loving, admiring, yet deliciously sensuous and aesthetically voluptuous; pure, yet deep, warm, alluring.”

– J William Lloyd

All of us have both masculine and feminine energy.

Masculine energy is direct, focused, penetrating, solid, purpose-driven, and structured. It’s based on values and thrives on achieving set goals. At times in our lives, we all need masculine energy to achieve our goals, complete projects, and cut through the lies and damaging emotional states.

Feminine energy is fluid, soft, in the moment, changeable, intuitive, love-driven, and nurturing. It’s based on emotional states and thrives on relating to others. Men and women need to have access to the feminine energy to create more love, care for others, and build harmonious relationships.

As women it is healthy and fulfilling for us to spend more time in our feminine energy, especially when we are relating to our romantic partner. For men it is healthy and fulfilling to be more often in his masculine energy, especially when he is relating to his beloved woman. That said, it can be very exciting and rewarding to sometimes reverse the energies and explore the other side of ourselves and our partners. This can feel as if you have a relationship with two different people, and then your love life will never be boring.

For the feminine side to uncover herself in her full beauty, she needs to feel safe and supported by the masculine side.

To avoid the dependency on our partners, it’s a great idea to develop our own inner masculine side so that our feminine side can flourish.

A woman with a developed inner masculine aspect has the capacity to dive into her deep femininity when she chooses to, becoming fluid, soft, and magnetic. Such a woman will arouse strong masculinity in her partner. She will be attracted to men with mature masculine qualities and will feel cherished by her man.

If a woman is not in touch with her feminine essence, she might tend to spend more time functioning in her masculine mode. A man of such a woman is likely to function more in his feminine energy and stop developing his masculine qualities. If she is looking for a partner, she will probably attract a softer, indecisive, and emotional man who is immature in his masculine side.

This kind of a relationship is usually out of balance and keeps both partners dissatisfied on a deeper level. She wants her partner to give her stability and provide a space where she feels safe to surrender, flow, and express her emotions. This is the deepest yearning of the feminine. However, she feels like a driving force in such a relationship. This causes her man to feel unworthy and weak, overwhelmed by her emotions and dominating attitude.

The most attractive man for me is the one who is powerful, provides safety, and lives a purposeful life. Equally, he is capable of depth of emotions and free expression of his feelings, and he can recognise and follow his own intuition. This man successfully integrates both the mature masculine and mature feminine. He is not afraid to cut through lies and destructive emotional patterns as well as cry when he feels like it.

How can you connect to your Feminine Essence on a regular basis? Maybe you need to take dance classes, or spend more time with your girlfriends, or take a bubble bath, or go for a walk on the beach. What do you need to connect to your Feminine Essence? Share in the comments below.

The Rewards of a Loving Relationship

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this.

What I have discovered that could help many relationships out there is to constantly build my relationships. This isn’t just with my lover although she benefits the most. Because we get to spend so much time together we have found it ever so important to not only relax with each other but to also go on adventures, with and without the kids. We love them ever so much but as a couple we have taken time for just one another, to give each other the kind of love only couples can.

The greatest successes I have seen in other couples is that they are striving to spend as much time together as possible. Life is busy enough without taking time for those that you love most. I urge you the next moment you get to pick up and hug your loved one just stand there for a full minute or two. Do this daily and your relationships with those loved ones will improve dramatically.

Human touch is of great importance. Some people are more sensitive than others. The energies that are exchanged when you are close with another human are quite remarkable. In this day and age there have been such improvements in technology that those energies are beginning to be measured. Now we as a human race can really get a grasp on what energy is like within humans. We are getting closer and closer to being able to measure even that essence that makes humans be here.

I want you to understand. This is not just a metaphysical where only a few feel. There are more and more humans becoming more sensitive to energy. We can use this with one another to improve our relationships. Simply look into eyes and open your feelings. Even at eye sight a person gets a funny little feeling whether you connect with certain people or that you want to stay away from certain people.

A lot of this has to do with vibrations and whether those vibrations are positive or negative. A positive person does not want to be around a negative person. Although there can sometimes be an attraction there as well. Have you ever noticed how same and yet different you are from your closest person?

To improve your relationships, get in tune with each other. The other night I was lying my head on my wife’s chest and just listened to her heart beat. While lying there in the quiet our breath became in sync and we just felt one another. It was simply an exchange of energy that I have found vital in relationships.

Growing closer yields many rewards and I really hope that you take the time with your loved one to begin getting more in sync with each other. This can be going on hikes. Go to a bar or dance at a club. Learn something new together. Go sky diving. Do something that challenges you both and work with one another to complete great tasks. The rewards are unending when it comes to having a great relationship from little smiles to naughty whispers to even more fun. Take care of your lover.

How to Choose Your Partner and Build a Stronger Relationship

Finding the right person and building a relationship is the topic of the century. More and more people break up, divorce or find themselves lonely and disappointed by their partners.

In my own journey I have tried to understand what have I overlooked. It turned to me that key and most common to a couple’s success is the willingness to invest. Just like you take time to go through education, specialize in your job, learn a foreign language or raise a child, a couple is no different. Requires effort to build it and constant attention and interest for your beloved one. Here is what to look for in broad lines and 3 categories.

Firstly, at the beginning, you need to look for some common grounds related to life in general. Mind for similar level of education and career aspirations, choice of geographical location, desire for long-term relationship or building a family. Same applies for lifestyle expectations, religion and values or sexual compatibility.

Secondly, watch for deal-breakers: vices, infidelity, abuse, immaturity, 3rd party intervention, self and self-worth insecurities, care for appearance and cleanliness. As you dive into the relationship, recheck for point 1 above: religion and upbringing differences, long distance, significant income differences, money interests or money or fame greed, another family, interest for personal development.

Thirdly, if you feel comfortable that the above criteria does not raise major issue, then, it is worthwhile paying a closer attention to building your partnership at a stronger level. Perhaps you have already been doing so, which is great, this will therefore only raise your awareness.

1. Build each other’s confidence, treat with trust and respect
2. Support individual projects for further personal growth and sharing
3. Ensure time together for common passions and hobbies
4. Practice positivity, patience and whatever you do, do it with good intentions and love
5. Increase your level of presence and embody two-way communication (when in conflict talk about facts and your feelings without throwing arrows at the other person)

As the relationship advances and years pass, perhaps remind yourself to:

1. Make sure you stay in touch: hug, kiss, write, talk, plan for connection and intimate moments
2. Realign your priorities, interests and vision for success (avoids unmet expectations)
3. Don’t get lost in roles (parent, child or toxic relationships; you are an adult for your couple) or lose identity (do only things that other wants and not take care of self)
4. Practice healthy communication (positive feed-back, allow SARAH, conflict resolution)
5. Don’t get caught in thoughts, worries and material possessions, but take life with ease and be in the flow. That will bring security and joy in a natural way

How do you know he or she is the right ”one” for you?

If all things in the right direction, you feel it. Your intuition tells you. You effortlessly flow in the same direction, you dream together, you do not care what others think or say. Your partner is your friend, lover and confident and you grow together. In a partnership fears are waived, feelings are not guessed but shared, disapproval will be done from equality. You are comfortable together and you want to be part of each other’s activities even if they don’t seem extremely special. Doing nothing is wonderful together. You are joyful, energized and passionate. Conversations unwind, you laugh at each other without hearting feelings and you don’t feel an urge to control what the other is doing.

Depending on your stage in life and personal agenda, above may or may not apply. You may wish to decide for yourself what is the criteria that matters at every step. Make your own list of ”musts” and ”deal-breakers”. Whilst picturing it, you may come to realize lots of things about what is important to you, what really matters in your relationships and what are the things that you could never come to terms with. Generic recipes don’t work for everybody. They are meant to kick the process of self-discovery, investigation and personal development.

7 Ways to Show Love to a Woman

One most difficult thing to do by any man in a relationship is how to love his woman. However, as difficult as this is so also it is very crucial for the survival of the relationship.

It is important to know that loving your wife is the foundation on which your relationship will stand. And it has been discovered that many men do not know how to show love to their spouses and this has constituted major challenge why many marriages and relationships could not survive.

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. 1Pet.3

Given below are 7 ways to show love to a woman based on the biblical injunctions given by one of the greatest apostles on the earth, Apostle Peter.

7 ways to show love to a woman

1. Be to her a husband

The word husband is from the word husbandry, meaning the care, cultivation and breeding of crops and animals, management and conservation of resources.

The same way the husband as the male in a marital relationship is that man who can care, nurture, manage and conserve the woman in his life. It will be difficult to love a woman when you are not yet a husband.

That is why the bible emphatically addressed the matter of showing love to women to their husbands. It is a husband who can know how to love a woman; his own wife.

2. Dwell with her

To dwell is to remain with something or someone for a time, to live together as a resident of a particular place, to exist together, to lie with.

You are to dwell with her not minding her natural tendencies. Husbands must remain with their wives in sickness and in health – whether it is convenient or not.

Dwelling with your woman as a way of showing love is not about her but about you.

A loving husband must be willing to dwell with his wife when the going is good and when otherwise. It does not matter whether she is a nag, you are to show love by dwelling with her despite her weakness and strength. Do not dwell with her only when she is strong.

3. Treat her with knowledge

This is very important. She is your wife and not one of your siblings. She is your wife and not your girlfriend or concubine. She is not even your maid or personal assistant and should not be treated as one.

Treat her with knowledge, realize who she is to you and dwell with her according to that knowledge. Your wife is a stakeholder in your affairs. The moment you realized this the better for you.

4. Give her honour

This is wow! Love honours, adores and worship. You are to honour her both in public and private, when convenient and or not. It is one of the most difficult things to do for a man in a relationship but remember it is not about her but you.

It does not matter whether she I contentious you just must show love by honouring her.

5. Treat her with understanding

Your ability to understand a woman determines your love for that woman. It would be difficult to love someone you do not understand.

Be aware of her feelings and emotions. Understand her weaknesses and strength. By understanding her you will know how to render help where necessary.

6. See her as co-inheritor of God’s promises

Two are better than one. No matter how great you might be, when you married you will become far better.

There are certain honours and respects you cannot enjoy except you have a solid relationship with your wife. Every married man can testify to this. A good marital relationship always enhances the personalities of the people involved. It is a key to higher ground in life and ministry.

You are co-inheritors of the promises of God here on earth and so must treat each other that way. Treat her as co traveler, and pilgrim here on earth. You are both in the journey of life and so need the co-operation of one another to end well.

If you do not do this your prayer may be hindered, as good relationship promotes speed answers to prayers.

7. Love her the way you love God

Why? This is because if you do not love your wife that you live with and can see how can you love God that is not visible to the naked eye?

There should not be gap between your love for God and that of your wife. The same way you love God must be replicated in your spouse.

Again, I want to emphasize the fact that showing love to your woman is not about her or her attitudes, but about you and your obedient to the word of God. It is better to remain unmarried than to have a broken marriage.

Marriage and marital relationships plays important roles in our ability to access the heavens and get positive responses. Prayers are hindered when there is no marital harmony. When love is not been practiced in a home, everything in and around that home will suffer.

4 Ways a Fountain Pen Can Make You a Better Lover

Have you ever laid eyes on a fountain pen? They’re truly beautiful objects but not very common anymore. Just like good lovers, fountain pens are rare things.

Before plain, disposable ballpoint pens became a dime a dozen, these beauties were courted and treasured by men and women alike. Why not return to that elegant and romantic period, when a passionate, monogamous relationship with a beautiful pen was commonplace?

Let your pen set you apart as a person of taste and refinement, and it will reward you with a whole new level of magnetism. Here are four ways a fountain pen can make you a sexier human being.

Express yourself.

All of you. Your wild romantic longings come onto the page as quickly and as easily as they come to mind.

One of the great advantages of a fountain pen is the how smoothly it writes. The nib requires very little pressure to release the ink, and if you adopt an elegant cursive style, your fingers can work effortlessly for hours. This means your passionate billet-doux or your erotic poem can continue just as long as your ardor and imagination do.

Display your sensuality.

Reading your letters and catching glimpses of you expressively writing will send a signal to your beloved that you are meticulous with your hands, your eyes, and your mind.

This is why we so often find artists attractive–they’re in tune with their senses. Drawing each individual letter and arranging words on the page is a beautiful art all its own. You could copy “Hey Diddle, Diddle” with a fountain pen, and it would be seductive as hell!

Give all of yourself.

Text messages and emails have no trace of human life-no crooked lines or loops written hastily in a stolen moment, no ink smudges from the warm hand that so desperately wants to touch.

Giving your lover a letter or note, beautifully executed by your own hand is like handing them a big hot slice of your heart. And a sincere attempt to connect increases intimacy, putting you in a position to reap generous rewards.

Pass the love on.

What’s the ultimate proof of good love? Sending more love out into the world.

If your partner finds your inky ways entirely irresistible, your passion could very well lead to procreation. And if that’s the case, you’ll have a beautiful, timeless object to pass down and write love notes for generations to come.

No pen? No problem.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get your hands around one of these delightful pens, you could always appeal to more primitive side of your beloved. Obtaining a simple quill requires only that you pluck a feather from a goose’s caboose. But, please, for the sake of your love life, banish the Bic pen.

Love Spelt by the Letters C A R E

In a love-is-love world, the whole world wonders about love, yet we may be further from the concept than ever. But it’s always been definitive. It’s not about a selfish concern. It is all about the other.

Love is spelt in the letters, C.A.R.E.


Care is briefed in the press room of compassion. There is nothing more tangible about care than compassion. The words care and compassion might easily be interchanged. If we love by the way of compassion, we think of others to the loss of ourselves, and in that we’ve cared.


Underpinning everything of care is awareness. If we miss awareness we miss care, and if we miss care we miss love. Awareness causes us to reflect, to redeem meaning, and to respond.


What else can responsiveness allude to other than responding to the prompting of God’s Holy Spirit? Care is the manifest grace of love to the extent of a response. Love is about seeing a need and responding in the provision of care.


Another salient love is the gift given of encouragement. Care encourages. It misses no opportunity to encourage by the building up of frail members, and we all bear vulnerability. Love cares through encouragement, and I’d suggest love cannot be genuine fully-fledged love without it being an encouragement. Indeed, the very best tough love of challenge bears features of encouragement.

Compassion bred from Awareness Responds in the giving of Encouragement. This is the C.A.R.E. of love. Love is compassionate awareness responding through encouragement.